Wood & Wick Co Pouring Fragrance

Create your Perfect
Customized Candle.

Wood & Wick Co. is a unique and expressive Candle Making Experience that invites you to tap into your creativity by making your own candle from start to finish. We specialize in all offsite events such as girl’s night, birthdays, baby showers, kids parties, team building and more! So you can sit back and relax we bring the party to you! For more info on booking your event click the link below.

Wood & Wick Co Set Up
Wood & Wick Gift Bag
Wood & Wick Co Holding Vessel

The experience

1. Choose your vessel.
Wood & Wick Co Vessels

With an assortment of vessel styles, it’s hard to pick your favorite one. If you find yourself indecisive (we all can relate!), you can choose up to three different vessels.

2. Choose your Fragrance Oil.
Wood & Wick Co Pouring Fragrance

Explore our wide selection of different luxurious scents. Our fragrance oils are cruelty free, Carcinogen free, Mutagen free and Phthalate free. The obsessive-compulsive research on ingredients was all taken care by us!

3. Pour your Candle.
Wood & Wick Co Pouring Wax

Once you have selected your vessel and fragrance it’s time to pour and have fun! After mixing your fragrance with your melted wax you are ready to pour your customized candle!

4. Wait for the Candle to Dry.
Wood & Wick Co Drying Vessle

Now it’s time for your freshly made candle wax to harden. In 1 hour, your candle will be ready to take home.


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